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From the meat of our animals, raised in our farm “La Fontana” still traditionally without the use of animal feed, the following cured meats are made: bresaola, coppa, pancetta, cacciatore, cotechini and salami.

Formaggella cheese

Typical cheese production from the Bergamo mountains, cylindrical in shape and small in size (about 1 kg).

Production technique:

Rennet is added to raw cow’s milk, from two milkings, heated in a boiler at a temperature of 37° C to coagulate in about 30 minutes. The curd is then stirred with a “spannarola”. then, by spinning, chopped into smaller parts. Cooking at a temperature of 46° C for about 40 minutes then follows. After a short resting period, the curd is placed in the molds and left for a full day on the wooden draining board. The cheese is placed for a full day in the brine for salting, after which it is ready to be taken to the cellar for aging. which varies from one month to two years.

Stracchino cheese

Typical mountain cheese, soft and generally square-shaped.

Production technique:
Freshly milked milk is placed in the boiler, to which liquid calf rennet is added. Unlike the production of formaggella, the boiler is not put on the fire to bring the milk to temperature, but left by the side of the chimney to keep constant the 35° C that the milk has at milking. After about 35 minutes, when the curd has coagulated, it is cut, and after a resting period it is placed in the molds. The stracchino is salted by hand after a day of draining. At this point it is ready to be taken to the cellar and after a week can already be consumed.

The farm currently consists of 6 cows, 2 heifers, 5 calves, 3 pigs and 7 chickens.
It is surrounded by 6 hectares of land to meet their feed needs.
The rearing method is still the traditional one typical of the mountains, where cattle are free to graze in the open air and are fed only grass and hay, without the use of chemical feed.
From the slaughtering of cattle and pigs, meat and sausages are obtained, which are used both for family use and for direct sale.
Livestock activity is accompanied by the production and direct sale of cheese, born from the fresh milk of their own cows, and processed still traditionally in an organic and natural way, without the use of chemical ferment.
The cheese has for several years been awarded during the “Festinvalle” an event in Piazza Brembana.
No less important are the hens, which guarantee fresh eggs every day.
All our products, in addition to direct sales, are also used in agritourism, so as to always offer the customer homegrown and genuine food